We want your first visit to Metro Baptist Church to be enjoyable and stress-free. Going to a new church for the first time can be uncertain. We would like to answer some questions to help make your first day at Metro Baptist Church easy.  

Where is Metro Baptist Church?

We meet at the Edmonds Community School. (7651 18th Avenue) The school is located at the corner of Canada Way and Edmonds in Burnaby.  

Where do I park?

We have signs that will direct you to the parking lot that is south of the school building. There is also some parking along the street in front of the school.

How do I enter the building?

We have signs that will direct you to enter the main doors at the front of the school.

What time should I arrive?

It's most relaxing if you can arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the service begins. 

What if I have a baby or toddler? 

At every service, we have trusted volunteer ladies ready to care for children 2 years-old and younger.  When you arrive, one of our volunteers will help you get your child comfortably settled in the nursery.  You can sit near the back of the auditorium, and the church ushers will alert you if your child needs you at any time during the service.  

What if I have children 2 years-old and older? What do they do?

On Sunday morning all children (2 years-old through grade 6) stay with their parents in the main auditorium for the first 25 to 30 minutes. The children get to sing and learn how to worship the Lord with the adults. Pastor Mackay will dismiss the children 2 years-old through grade 6 to Sunday School by age group.  Your child can leave with the appropriate age group.  If they need your assistance or encouragement, you are welcome to escort them to class.  The teens stay in the auditorium on Sunday morning.  They have their own class on Sunday evenings at 5pm. 

What is the worship service like?

The first 20-35 minutes is filled with singing and special music. Our church loves to sing traditional hymns, Scripture songs, and occasionally a beautiful chorus. The focal point of every service is the preaching of the Word of God because it communicates the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.